four stripe agender flag: black, gray, white, neon green, from top to bottom.

An agender banner with four stripes

What is agender?

AGENDER denotes a person with no gender. Agender people might feel genderless, gender-neutral, void of gender, beyond the binary, or ungenderable.

Though it may seem contradictory to have a gender label of 'no gender', it's usually to clarify that someone is not a man or a woman.

Agender people can be of any orientation. Yes, even gay, lesbian, bi, pan, and/or asexual.

Some agender people also consider themselves nonbinary (being not strictly man or woman) and/or transgender (not being one's assigned gender). These definitions overlap, but are not interchangeable. Trans, agender, and/or nonbinary people might experience gender dysphoria, but it's not required.

Anyone is welcome, there are no pronoun or medical requirements. But not every agender person feels accurately described by these other labels.

You can adopt any of the labels you like! These definitions are guides, not strict rules.

Agender people can also:

Go by any pronouns they want. Seek social or legal name and gender marker changes.Dress in any way they want. Take hormones or undergo any of the many surgery options for medical transition, or opt-out completely.Become parents, if they choose to.

Terms Explained (copy link to this part)

Gender. noun. A socially-expressed self-concept and/or cultural category such as woman or man. Sometimes called a gender identity.

Nonbinary (sometimes non-binary). adjective. Denotes a person who is not strictly a man or a woman. They may be partially both, neither, or beyond the binary.

Transgender. adjective. Denotes a person who is not the gender they were assigned.

Cisgender. adjective. Denotes a person who is the gender they were assigned.

Agender. adjective. Denotes a person without a gender. They might not feel genderable or part of any gender group.

Gender dysphoria. noun. Distress caused by inability to live comfortably, usually because of an enforced, incorrect gender assignment.

If you think you’re agender, it’s free and doesn’t require anyone’s permission.

I think I'm agender but I'm not sure. Is it okay to say I am?

Yes! Test it out, if you want. One way is to try writing short self-descriptions in a phone or computer notepad. Re-read them and see how they make you feel. Tell a friend, tell everyone, or keep it in your journals - there is no wrong way to figure things out.

Can I be agender if I dress (however)?


Can I be agender if I don't use they/them pronouns?


Why not just be nonbinary?

Many agender people do also consider themselves nonbinary, but not all nonbinary people would consider themselves agender. Basically, there are nonbinary people who have a gender. We do not have a gender, we are ungenderable.

How can an agender person also be gay/lesbian/trans/etc?

Very easily.

Who can be agender?

Anyone, if it feels right, no matter what age you are, what you were assigned at birth, or how many times you’ve changed labels in the past.

Wishing you could somehow 'really be' agender / nonbinary / transgender is a sign you might be! You're not 'taking space' away from other people, even if you change your mind later. It's okay to stay questioning, too.

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Thanks for reading! If you think you’re agender, it’s free and doesn’t require anyone’s permission. You are enough.

No website can replace an actual doctor or lawyer. Please research carefully!

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No website can replace an actual doctor or lawyer. Please research carefully!

Why make a new flag?

The four-stripe agender flag is an homage to the original, widely-used seven-stripe agender flag created by Salem in 2014 (you can of course use whichever flag you prefer💚). They are similar in color scheme (black, gray, white, green). However, the new flag has a deliberately higher-contrast design with fewer stripes and emphasizes solidarity of agender people who may also be lesbian, gay, bi, nonbinary, trans, ace, etc. by representing agenderness in one stripe. No matter what else we are, all agender people are wholly equally agender.

The new flag also has the advantage of being shrinkable down to four pixels tall.

It can be clearly distinguished from other green and black pride flags by its black stripe being on top, and the extreme green stripe that no other widely-circulated pride flag has (#00FF00).

You are free to recreate, modify, disregard, or repost either of these flags.

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